J Reid Sticks A Dagger In Ernie Grunfeld, Rightfully So

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jason Reid of the Washington Post has had enough as well.  In his latest article he describes how Grunfeld failed by not trading the three stooges (McGee, Young, Blatche) sooner.  I have a few other reasons. 

June 25th, 2009.  That was the date I was finished with Ernie Grunfeld.  That was almost 3 years ago. On that date, Ernie got rid of a top 5 draft pick to bring in Randy Foye and Mike Miller, two below mediocre NBA players who ended up doing absolutely nothing for the Wiz.

Many people now are looking back at that draft and seeing that the Wizards could have drafted Ricky Rubio, who was on pace to possibly be the rookie of the year before he got injured.  I agreed with the move to not take Rubio and at the time many people agreed.  

However, Steph Curry, who was a college superstar, amazing shooter, and a guy who could put a team on his shoulders with no fear was available at the 5th pick.  Ernie passed him up and I was done.  If you don't belive me check out this post pre-draft.

Then, in the 2nd round of that same draft, Ernie passed on another amazing college player who was shockingly available at pick #32, DeJuan Blair.  Instead he decided to take Jermaine Taylor.  Anyone know what team he is on?  Nope.

Steph Curry is a career 17.5 PPG scorer and he would have been SOOOO much better than Mike Miller, Randy Foye, and Nick Young combined.

Then in 2011 Ernie went psycho.  Janet Vesely.  What the hell was that.  The guy doesn't even get minutes on the Wizards who are one of the worst teams ever.  He should have been fired that day, passing up on guys like Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker.  

I could write a hell of a lot more in this post but I just don't want to remember all the bad times...Pecherov...stop...stop writing...stop remembering...

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