Wizards Beat Big 3-Less Heat In Final Second

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, April 21, 2012

Despite playing a pretty awful game the Washington Wizards walked away with a 86-84 victory over the Heat (without the big 3).  The Zards ran a set pick & roll style play with 4 seconds left and John Wall drove and dished to Nene who hit the game winning layup with 5 tenths of a second remaining in the game, giving them a 86-84 victory.

The Wizards have now won 3 straight, which hasn't happened in like 30 years I think...

The Miami Heat were without the big 3 as Lebron & Bosh sat due to "injury" aka resting vs a bad team and Dwayne Wade started the game but left with an injury just 3 minutes in.

The Heat crowd didn't seem to mind that their best players were out and that the terrible Wizards were in town, they came out, filled the arena, and sounded like a playoff crowd.

The Wizards should have dominated but let Mike Miller & friends hit three pointers or three foul shots when the Wizards fouled them behind the line in the 4th quarter.

With under 30 seconds left and a 2 point lead, Jordan Crawford decided to go 1 on 1 and fell down (Buckhantz went ape shit thinking it was a foul) and on the other end the Wizards didn't box out as Haslem skied in for the put back dunk off a miss.

Jordan Crawford was horrific, his best shot was a 50 foot jumper from half-court, his favorite shot to take.  John Wall shot brick after brick as well.  Cartier Martin scored 22 points.  Worst season ever.

Steve Buckhantz is my favorite, but he needs to calm down.  He is going crazy when Jordan Crawford takes a bad shot and makes it.  He goes crazy at the end when he thinks the ref misses a call.  He has been trying to throw a Dagger into games and when he finally gets his chance he forgets.

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