Wizards Push Me To The Brink, Then Randomly Win

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a couple days after I was about to never watch a Washington Wizards game again in my entire life, the Wizards pulled off a win against the Chicago Bulls.  While the Bulls didn't have their best player Derrick Rose and another top player Luol Deng they were still a better team than the Wizards. I guess I'll watch another game or 2.

Kevin Seraphin played another great game after one where he struggled a bit.  He had 21 and 13 with 5 blocks.  Mo Evans got some surprising playing time, hit 3 three pointers, and ended up with double figures in the scorebook , one of only 3 Wizards (Wall had 16).

The Wizards had a strong 4th quarter and actually finished a basketball game, something they have failed to do throughout the entire regular season.

Rip Hamilton was the leading scorer for the Bulls.  When that happens, you have a chance to beat the Bulls.

With only 5 games left the Wizards are all but assured to be the #2 worst team in the league and will get a top 5 pick.

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