Wizards Can't Win 7th Straight

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It wasn't awful.  It wasn't the best.  In fact it was technically right in the middle.  The Washington Wizards left the draft lottery one slot below what they finished, with the 3rd pick in the upcoming draft.

Ted Leonsis was there.  Ted's son was there.  Ted's father's lucky charms were there.  But the luck was not.  But after luckboxing Wall two seasons ago, you can't be too disappointed with the outcome.

===Conspiracy Side Note====

New Orleans ended up winning the top spot, which is somewhat fishy.  Back in April the NBA, yes the same NBA that runs the lottery, sold the franchise to Saint's owner Tom Benson.  Not sure if any #1 overall picks were promised in the deal.  "The Fix Was In!" just like in 1985 when the Knicks somehow ended up with the #1 pick and Patrick Ewing.  Or was it? You will have plenty of outlets to read about the conspiracy theory in the morning.


As of the night of the lottery (with plenty of time to change) it seems like the first three picks have been predicted by a majority of outlets to be the following:

  • 1.  Hornets - Anthony Davis
  • 2.  Bobcats - Kidd-Gilcrest
  • 3.  Wizards - Brad Beal
We will look at the rest of the top possibilities later, but quickly what would Brad Beal mean to the team?  A shooting guard / possible combo guard.  It is something that could help the Wizards, but how would he fit with Jordan Crawford & John Wall.  Would Crawford ruin him?

Another option that could be a possibility is Ernie Grunfeld trading this pick.  It is doubtful there will be another Miller / Foye type trade, so most likely they would try to move down in the draft.  Maybe they can pull something off like the Redskins did when they traded down for Ryan Kerrigan and a draft pick.

No matter who they choose, it isn't likely to be a game changer for the upcoming 2012-13 season.  It is going to be another rebuilding year, hopefully with some improvement.  Perhaps they can draft a player who fits in with the current cast, and one who will be ready to blossom when the team takes the next step forward.  Or perhaps they will draft another guy named Janet.

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