Another Depressing Day For Wizards Fans

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So are you all ready for the NBA Draft Lottery tonight?  Maybe a more important question...Are you ready for Ted Leonis to allow Ernie Grunfeld to draft Furkan Aldemir (F/C) from Turkey with the 5th pick (lowest odds) of the 2012 NBA Draft?


Two years ago in 2010 I didn't even know what day the NBA Draft Lottery was taking place.  The Wizards were in the 5th slot and had little to no chance to end up with the #1 pick.  During that draft, John Wall was the clear cut number 1, but outside of him there weren't any really big names.

So I chose to accept my fate as a Wizards fan and be happy with the 8th pick they were going to miraculously receive (.004 chance).  Sure it was impossible, but with the history of the Wizards, this was bound to happen.  I wasn't going to watch this horror take place.

Then one night at a bar for a sports team gathering, someone pointed out to me (the well known Wizards fanatic) that the lottery was about to take place.  I explained to the person that I didn't care and I didn't want to see it.

But 5 minutes later I heard a bunch of people cheering and screaming. couldn't be...something else crazy must have happened.  That sound couldn't be the Wizards landing the #1 pick could it?

Well it turned out to be true and that moment I thought one thing.  This is the Wizards only chance.  If John Wall isn't Michael Jordan, we are screwed.  If Wall isn't the next chosen one the Wizards will never luck into a number one pick ever again.

The next season, with the Wizards in the 4th slot they dropped down to 6th in the lottery.  The year before Wall they dropped from 2nd to 5th place.  So what is going to happen in 2012?  Nothing good...the luck in this city won't allow it.

So tonight I will do the same thing I did in 2010.  I will ignore the draft.  I will accept my fate.  I will wait for the next Ernie pick or trade...

Simulate the Lottery tonight here

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