Is Bradley Beal A Poor Man's John Wall?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A lot of Wizards fans and the media have been talking about the Washington Wizards using their third pick on Florida freshman Bradley Beal, a shooting guard.  This is a position that the Wizards need some help as their current SG Jordan Crawford is more of a black-hole guard than a shooter.  But looking at Beal's stats, I noticed that they looked a lot like John Wall's:

So why would the Wizards want two small players who aren't actually that great of shooters to play the guard position together?  Beal is "supposed" to be a better shooter than his stats suggest but John Wall was also "supposed" to start knocking down shots in the NBA by now.

John Wall was the no question #1 pick 2 years ago, and Beal's stats are very similar to that despite not even being a starter on a lesser Florida team.  On paper it doesn't look half bad.  But we have seen in DC that Wall's college success did not translate into immediate NBA success.  Do the Wizards have time to wait another 3 years for Beal to improve.  Will he be a force that keeps Wall in DC?

I'm not sure what Ernie will do or who we will pick, but I question picking an 18 year old "semi-project" that is a step down from John Wall.  Please leave some comments to make me feel better about this!

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