Tomas Needs To Man Up

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, July 2, 2012

Tomas Satoransky is one of the luckiest people in the world.  He was drafted to play basketball for an NBA team in the United States of America, the best league with the best players in the entire universe (yes even better than the aliens from Space Jam).

Satoransky was drafted by the Wizards and Ernie Grunfeld with the idea that he would continue to play in his current professional league in Spain, improve his skills, and then join the Wizards in the near future.  (Although that is complete Wizards propaganda and the guy will probably never wear a Wizards uniform and probably won't ever play in the NBA).

One thing that stopped some Wizards fans from torching down the Verizon Center after draft day was the fact that they would be able to see this Czech prospect play against some of the young NBA talent in the Vegas Summer League.  Well, relight the torches because Tomas doesn't want to play.  (Instead he wants to stay in Czech Republic and practice with his country's Eurobasket team).

Yo Tommy.  Did you watch the Dream Team documentary?  Did you see the players on the other teams taking photos of the American stars from the bench during games!?  That is the kind of super-stardom that comes from playing in the NBA.  And you want to skip-out?  You were drafted by the NB-freaking-A!!!!

Satoransky, who turns 21 later this year, is one of the older players in the draft.  Next season in the NBA there will be 19 year olds making an impact, and he will be over in Europe trying to improve his scoring average from 4 points per game to 5.  Take a look at Bryce Harper.  Take a look at Anthony Davis.  These guys are 2 years younger than you are!  And look what they are doing.

Playing for one's country is definitely an honor...for the Olympics, or for the World Championships.  But for Eurobasket.  What the hell is Eurobasket?  If you want to be an NBA player, then come over to the United States, man up, and get dunked on.  Don't stay in Europe like a scared puppy named Swag.

I don't even know why I'm getting all fired up when I will never in my life see this guy play basketball.  But Man the F Up Tomas...or at least come over and join the Wizards Girls...And Ernie...what the f...i can't deal with this anymore...searching for a new favorite team.

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