Wizards Win 2nd Game In Vegas

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Houston Rockets and their 19 player roster couldn't bring enough firepower to beat the Czech National Team Washington Wizards on Saturday Night in Vegas.  The Wizards led most of the game by 20 points but collapsed at the end, escaping with a 76-70 win.

Brad Beal was impressive again, not only on the floor (14pts, 4 assists, 5 boards), but also in the post-game interview where he says all the right things.  He only took 10 shots, making 4, but the Florida Gator looks like he is NBA ready.

Tomas Satoransky had a terrible first game on Friday afternoon, but he bounced back on Saturday.  The NBA TV announcers (who know nothing about the players) described the Czech rookie with words like "sleeper" and "first round [talent]".  Tomas the Czech Engine had a nice dunk and finished with 11 points.

Tangent:  The game is almost un-watchable thanks to the C-Team of announcers that NBA TV throws out there.  Botched Cliches ("That won't be the first time he gets stitches"), getting player names wrong ("Sheldon Mack") and not even knowing who players are ("Is that the same guy from Butler?"), and botched Godfather quotes.  There was even a point where Chris Webber tried to reference Ron Burgundy and he accidentally said "Ron Jeremy".  What ensued was about 5 straight minutes of adolescent laughter on the air.  Ok back to the game...

Jan Vesely only picked up 3 fouls on the night, hit another couple of jumpers (4/6 8pts), and missed another dunk (his 4th of the summer - 2x he was fouled).  He is much wider than he used to be which means even more illegal screens to look forward to.

Shelvin Mack & Chris Singleton were Shelvin Mack & Chris Singleton.  Those two guys are very streaky and usually fall on the negative side of the streak.

Garret Siler, a 300 pound center picked up some PT at the end of the game.  The man is enormous but he threw down two dunks and showed some great hands.  While he has no chance to make an NBA roster, he was fun to watch.  He even caused Rick Fox to have a conniption on the air.

Wizards play themselves (the D-League team) on Sunday night, another 10pm game...

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