Happy Belated Birthday Bradley Beal, Where's The Cake?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bradley Beal turned 19 years old back on June 28th, the same day he was drafted by the Washington Wizards with the 3rd pick.  But yesterday he tweeted a picture of a birthday cake that was given to him by the Washington Wizards (It started a whole Twitter 'Happy Birthday vs Didn't You Know It's Not His Birthday' war, but that is here nor there)

Birthday Cake Tweeted By Bradley Beal

One of the most memorable moments in strange Wizards history took place after Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison made the All-Star team.  Abe Pollin really loved those guys and he was so excited that he threw a party.  When it came time to celebrate with the cake, it was nowhere to be found, and Pollin disturbingly asked

"Where's The Cake!" (listen here)

That sound byte eventually became a staple on the Tony Kornheiser radio show.  This article recalls the event better than I did.  That was of course time for another great Gilbert Arenas moment.  From the Washington Post:
Arenas didn't eat his piece -- "I don't eat sweets," he said -- but had every intention of smearing the cake on Hughes's face as a joke. Jordan looked at Arenas, shook his head and whispered, "No, Gilbert."


Anonymous said...

He is not having a good rookie season due to his Wizards' record. The win against Miami last night is a sweet late treat. Gotta make him one during the cake decorating courses on which Flip Saunders used to attend.

Xander Lawson said...

Change the name and cakes like that would be nice present ideas for women. That's especially true for athletic ones.