Permanent Throwbacks Look Good, For Now

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, August 24, 2012

One thing that people really like are throwback uniforms.  Uniforms that were once ugly years ago now look "retro" which makes them cool again.

Some examples of jerseys that people seem to like are the San Diego Chargers powder blue, and for some reason the Denver Nuggets skyline uniforms.  And it appears that ESPN likes the Washington Bullets throwbacks, which happen to be the Wizards current uniform.

Here are the top 6 NBA jerseys as seen by ESPN

1.  Celtics
2.  Spurs
3.  Lakers
4.  Warriors
5.  Jazz
6.  Wizards

The first thing you have to do is take this list, light it on fire, and throw it out the window because there is no way that the Spurs can be number 2.  Their uniforms are almost as boring as their team.   The Spurs uniform looks like you printed out something at home and wanted to save on your expensive color ink.  I mean come on!

And the Celtics are the #1 jersey?  The jersey is so classic that it wins?  Green with white letters.  That wins the best jersey?  The people who think the Celtics jerseys are #1 also like the Penn State uniforms, layups, and eating plain white bread.  Anyways, back to life...

Better Than Celtics Uniform

Here is what the article says about the Wiz:
"The Bullets live again! OK, not quite, but this is a close enough facsimile. Kudos to owner Ted Leonsis for bringing back an updated version of the old striped design, and to the league and adidas for executing it so nicely. One of the better uni-related success stories of recent years"
You know what isn't a compliment?  When a team is so bad that people call it something that it isn't.  Combine that with the fact that the team name is so bad that people call it something that it isn't.  Nobody wants to be associated with The Wizards or Wizards.

For some reason, imagining that it is 1978 makes some people feel better about the team.  I blame Will Ferrell.  The movie semi-pro made 1970's basketball cool again.  And who wants to be hip?  People at ESPN.  They don't really like the uniform.  They like the idea of 1970's basketball. They think it is fun to go to a party wearing bell-bottoms.  Well bell-bottoms are freaking UGLY!

So Kudos to Ted.  Jerseys clearly win championships and the Wizards are only 6 slots away!

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