John Wall Birthday Celebration Part 2, Miami Beach

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Thursday night, John Wall celebrated his birthday at a club in NYC.  That was following him partying Labor day (Luda-Day) weekend with Ludacris, Floyd Mayweather, and Kevin Hart in Atlanta repping some Cognac.

Well the east coast party continues (or so this poster claims) on Friday night in Miami at a strip club hip hop club.

Oooh look at those ladies in the bottom left.  Hubba Hubba.

A lot of these posters are BS where promoters throw athletes on posters to try to get more people in their club.   However from this tweet, it appears both guys know about it.

Here is the Web Site for Club Play Miami Beach.  From what I gather this is a "hip hop club" but they seem to feature strippers from time to time.  The picture on the web site also features a stripper pole & stage.  I don't think it is like Lapdance Tuesdays though.

The web site also has older posters of Mike Vick, Lebron James, and Dwayne Wade.  Here is a story about a stripper dancer who performed at Cam Newton's party after previously falling and having her jaw wired shut.

The entertainment company calls it "birthday part 1" so I wonder what is going down on Saturday night!  Stay Tuned!

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