PTI Files: Wizards Will Be Crying A River

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The guys at PTI always have some great things to say about the Wizards.  That is why it is such an awesome show, because DC teams are brought up all the time randomly cuz both TK & Wilbon were DC Sports Writers.

Here is what had me laughing today...during the pre-commercial teaser:

Wilbon: "Which Wizard was brought to tears after a recent loss..."

Tony: "Whoever it was get used to it, cuz they're gonna lose some more..."

Wilbon: "There's not enough tears, that's cry me a river...are you kidding me!"

Tony: "...they're gonna lose about 60" it...then the bit was about Beal crying after the loss to the Celtics...

Tony: "2 for 13, you don't joke about that"

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