Verizon Overrun By Chubby Clones

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, November 4, 2012

On Saturday night the Verizon Center was overrun with stocky white dudes wearing Larry Bird jerseys.  No shirts underneath, just some fat arms that maybe lifted a few weights to cover up the fact that they are chubby.  There must have been dozens of them, possible all clones of each other.  Gattaca! Gattaca!  It reminded me of what it might look like in a drunk tank on a weekend.  Their bodies fueled by Creatine, Sam Adams, and a desire to stroke their hands through Tom Brady's hair.

The crowd at Verizon was made up of at least 50% Celtics fans and the cheers for the Celtics were louder than the cheers for the Wizards throughout most of the game.  "Let's Go Celtics" chants were so loud that the "booos" by Wizards fans couldn't drown them out.  There were more people wearing old Boston swag than Wizards, and the Celtics haven't changed uniforms in like 500 years.

You are wearing a Ray Allen jersey? Really?  Your team hates him, but you are wearing his jersey cuz you bought it when you jumped on the Finals bandwagon years ago and you are too lazy or poor to spend another $15 on a knock-off shirsey?

There was even a group of idiots who did a little bit where all four of them wore Patriot jerseys.  It was so funny I forgot to laugh! (sorry haven't said that in 20 years and felt like getting it out again).  I call them idiots because the jerseys were of Ty Law and Matt Cassell.  Wearing jerseys of players that aren't on the team outs you as a bandwagon fan!

And that is what made it so hard to handle the last shot of the game attempted by the Wizards.

With under 5 seconds left, down just 1 point, the Wizards had a chance to shut up the visiting team crowd.  Instead they fired up a catch & shoot fade away three pointer airball by a Martell Webster who was double-teamed with an extra 3 seconds on the clock.

Typical DC sports.  The Celtics are running away with the game.  The Wizards make a huge run to take a late lead.  The crowd gets pumped up, there is hope in the air...and then...crushed...

Game Notes:

The Wiz had Cartier Martin on the floor in the clutch. If he wasn't on the Wizards he would probably be hooping it up with Shelvin Mack in the D-League.  Meanwhile your #3 pick in the draft was MIA.

Beal had 2 points in just under 22 minutes and went 0 for 5.

AJ Price jacked up shots again and again they didn't go in.  Pargo was playing in the clutch and while he isn't a great player, he seems to help the offense better than Price.  He may be the new go-to PG and that is sort of scary.

Seraphin was good.  Except in crunch time when he decided to throw a pass like he was a PG and turned it over.

In the final minutes the Celtics were handing the game over to the Wizards, but the Wizards decided to hand it right back.  Lots of turnovers and missed jumpers by both teams.

Wiz have the Celtics in Boston on Wednesday...

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