A Trip To Atlanta To See The Hawks Play The Wizards

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fan Story Written By Chris C-Ford, Wizards Fan!

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play...the Hawks playas...not the Wiz playas...

I've been dying to go down to Atlanta for a long time.  During the baseball season I bought tickets to all the Braves vs Nats playoff games.  Unfortunately the Cardinals ended up winning the Wild Card.  I saved over $1,000, but then the Nats lost to the Cards, so blah.

So when the opportunity came up for me to get down to Hot-Lanta for some southern hospitality and a Wiz game I jumped at the chance.  I charged up my Breeze card, packed up my Wiz gear, and put on my 2-chainz shirt and my 2 chains.  I was ready for a bad b***h contest, and I would be in first place.  Bows would be thrown.  This was going to be legendary!

After the shortest plane ride I've ever taken, I was basking in the 70 degree temperatures of the ATL.  I went straight to the liquor store and bought enough beer for 5 people...for one person.  Let the pregaming begin!  Oh it's only 2pm...

I scooped up my ATL crew and we headed down to Phillips Arena, grabbing a few Sweetwater Lowryeders at the Taco Mec next door beforehand, wondering why there was a Joe Johnson jersey hanging behind the bar.

We rolled into the arena, me in my Wiz gear and every other fan in the building in their "coolin'" clothes.  And when I say every other fan I mean less fans than at a Wizards vs Bobcats game.  I didn't see one Hawks fan with a jersey on.  Some shirts, lots of hats, but lots of steez.  The upper deck behind the basket was literally empty.  Not even 1 person.

I was all reved up for the game.  I had all sorts of Wizards zings ready to go.  But all the Jan Vesely, Randy Wittman, and Kevin Seraphin chants & screams were not exactly killing.  Maybe pronouncing Jan like the woman's name was confusing.  The Hawks fans were not feelin' it.  In fact, I don't think anyone outside of the die-hard Wiz fans who even know who those 3 people are.  Ask your mom who Jan Vesely is.  She has no idea.

One of the unique things about this particular game was that the Hawks have a "college section".  It's about 50 kids who take up an entire section.  They stand the whole time, all have signs, and start chants.  It's just like a college basketball game.  But other than that one crazy corner, there wasn't much buzz for the Hawks.  Wiz need to do something like this.

The best part about the game was DeShawn Stevenson.  He was knocking down 3's left and right.  Every time I stood up, cheered, and did the I can't feel my face thing.  Hawks fans weren't down.  Perhaps they were confused that I was cheering for the Hawks.  I did get to tell the Hawks fans around me about the good old days in DC with Abe Lincoln tats, his #2 tattoo, his black card, and in-home ATMs.  SWAG!

Now all that was great.  But we all know why I was in the ATL.  I was there to see my favorite basketball player, Jan Vesely.  But every time I looked up, him and his lesbians that look like Justin Bieber haircut were just chillin' in warmups.  What the hell Wittman!  You got treasure and it is stashed on your damn bench!  GRRR.

At halftime I let Wittman have it.  Sort of.  See the video below...and then see the dagger that Jan Vesely put into my heart:

Don't worry, Jan responded below.  You all really need to see Randy Wittman up close and in person.  Randy Wittman faces are so much better in real life.  You should have seen him when Chris Singleton put out one of the worst defensive efforts I've ever seen allowing the Hawks to sink a dagger 3 pointer.  Wittman went crazy.  Lol.  Poor guy!  Oh...wiz lost the game...played really bad in the clutch...but...we still had like 3 hours of bartime left!

Here are two of the drinks offered at this bar down there...

One Pint Of Tequila....EW EW EW
Bloody Mary, Slim Jim Straw, EW 

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