The Wizards Aren't Worth $10: Craigslist Recap 1

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, December 20, 2012

I was going to hold off on this until the entire "experiment" was complete, but a lot of people were asking about it, so here is a brief update of what is happening so far:

A few weeks ago I posted a Craigslist ad offering to pay Wizards fans to attend a game.  All they had to do was arrive in the first quarter and stay til the end.  If they could do that, I would pay them $10.

The whole idea was a joke mixed with a social experiment mixed with a statement to the organization.  The team was bad and people weren't accepting free tickets.  Even I was skipping games, so I wanted to see if others would they go to the games if I paid them?

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------Attempt #1: Craigslist Guy----------

Surprisingly, I received about 50 emails from the craigslist ad.  I had people begging for tickets, claiming long lost relatives were in town for just one night and this was their chance to be a Wizards fan, sending me pictures of puppies, empathizing  sympathizing, and getting their children involved.

(More specifics in the final report)

I had to pick one of those sob stories, and I didn't really know who to pick.  I decided I would start googling some of these people, to see if any of them had any credibility whatsoever.

Bam!  Quickly into my search I found my guy.  He was currently in law school and he had written articles that can be found online about the NFL.  He used his real name and real email too.  He wasn't squishypants24.  He would be the perfect person to attend the game and write up a brief recap.  He had writing experience!

I emailed back and forth with this guy a bunch of times, each time he assured me he would go to the game and complete the tasks.  I sent him the tickets and was eager to send him the $10 upon completion.  But when the game was over, I got nothing.  Just an email claiming that he went, and that he would upload pictures later.  Later?  Ug, Burned.

Result #1: Didn't Even Use The Tickets

--------Attempt #2: Twitter Guy-------------

Not amazingly, just a week or so later a situation came up again when I just didn't feel like driving downtown to watch another loss.  I decided that we would try this wacky bit again.

I emailed about 10 people from the previous Craigslist posting, and this time (a weekday game) none of them wanted to go.

So I took to twitter and posted just one tweet.  Out of the 700+ people that could have seen the tweet, only 2 people responded.  I picked one of them, told him the stipulations for the deal, and sent him the tickets.

Ohhhh baby. This one was going to work.  The guy tweeted this photo of him at the game before it even started!

He tweeted a couple more times throughout the game, trying to make sure he got all the instructions correct.  I was amped.  The bit was going to work!  ... But Then...the following:

He couldn't make it through the game.  And this was actually one of those famous "moral victories".  An overtime finish!  But he couldn't do it.  He just couldn't watch the Wizards for that long.  He even lived in DC!

Result #2: Went To Game, Couldn't Finish

--------------------Attempt #3: TBD---------------------------------

And so we have yet to find someone that will watch an entire game for $10.  This bit is not over yet!  I will probably be offering this deal again, this time on Facebook to see if that yields better results.  So if you want to have a chance go and Like us or whatever stupid things Facebook requires.

I will pay someone $ suffer...

So stay tuned, and we will post our final report when complete!  Thanks for reading!

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