Wizards Fans Like Chicken Better Than Basketball

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, December 27, 2012

If you are a Wizards fan you probably know all about NBA promotions throughout the league.  It is typically against Washington when a team will accomplish the statistic needed to give everyone in the arena a free "something".

A few Wizards @ Bulls games come to mind where, with the Bulls up 20 points, Joakim Noah would start launching three pointers as the crowd watched in a frenzy hoping he would sink one to take them over 100 points, a feat that would get them all a free taco or Big Mac.  (Looks like Noah is still doing this)

In the past the Wizards have had promotions like this, except less "free".  For years the deal was that if the Wizards scored over 100 points and won, the fans would get two for one beers at the District Chophouse (limited to a few choices).

Because nothing was technically free, and nobody goes to the Chophouse after games, nobody really cared about the promotion, and nobody got overly excited about the promotion.

Pick your favorite:


However, recently the Wizards have implemented a new promotion in association with Chick-Fil-A.  If an opposing player misses both free throws in the 4th quarter, everyone gets a free chicken sandwich (the next day or week with ticket stub)

This promotion has the fans going out of their minds.  In games where the Wizards are getting blown out, the fans will all of a sudden start screaming like maniacs on 4th quarter foul shots.  Cheering harder for a chicken sandwich than for a Wizards victory.

On Wednesday night at Verizon Center, the people losing their minds over a $3 sandwich phenomena came to life big time.

Watch the video to compare how the crowd sounded in the 4th quarter wich a missed free throw giving them a free sandwich vs with 8 seconds left and a missed free throw giving them a chance to tie.

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