Buckhantz Calls Dagger On Airball, Retracts Dagger

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I jumped out of my bed screaming like a maniac.  I fell to the floor, arms raised in victory.  As Steve Buckhantz' "Dagger" rang out from my TV I smiled.  I rolled around on the ground doing mini-fist pumps on the floor with my eyes closed, as if I was the NBA champion.

Then, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, Buckhantz stopped talking.  I looked up at my TV and saw the Pistons celebrating.  What happened!?

I watched as Comcast showed the instant replay of the Wizards game winner.  It didn't go in.  It didn't even hit the rim.  It was an AIRBALL?!

Listen to the call below from the Dagger, to the 20 seconds of Buck celebrating before someone mentioned to him that the ball didn't go into the net to the 2 announcers trying to explain that it looked like it went in: (and watch what was shown live on TV here) Or watch below before it is deleted.

Listen here:

Steve Buckhantz: "They're saying it did not go!"

Phil Chenier (laughing): "We saw the nets move"

Steve Buckhantz: "We saw what appeared to be the ball going in the net, but evidently it came up short!"


Steve Buckhantz:  "So the Dagger has been retracted" 

Phil Chenier:  "First time ever, I believe"

This season Steve Buckhantz, my favorite sports announcer of all time, has been making some mistakes.  Two different times in the past few weeks he has gotten excited about Wizards rebounds where the players were clearly way out of bounds.  But on this particular play, I can't blame Steve.  I thought the ball went in.

Wizards lose to the Detroit Pistons for the 3rd time this season...

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Unknown said...

Hilarious! I think he is very good. Now people saying his "retracted dagger" only happened because team management moved him to the cheap seats.livescore