Charles Barkley Drafts Injured Bradley Beal For NBA Rising Stars

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, February 7, 2013

On Thursday night, the NBA had the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge draft, where Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neil were each the general managers of the opposing teams.  Chuck & Shaq, the self proclaimed "Black Jerry Colangelo" went through a draft to select their teams through a predetermined pool of first and second year players.

"I'm gonna go with the guy I thought would be the 2nd best rookie this year, Bradley Beal" - Chuck

Tweeted By @NBAonTNT

With the 8th pick, Charles picked Bradley Beal, unaware that Beal is injured.  When he was told this fact by Ernie Johnson he seemed surprised, and wanted to backtrack. Denied.  Beal will be on Team Chuck.  Don't worry Chuck, he should be good to go by then.

Go here to watch and FF to 3:30 in for the Beal Pic:

The fans will now pick who the starting 5 will be.

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