JANuary Raises Over $400 For The Boys & Girls Club

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, February 11, 2013

Back at the start of January, we thought a great way to kick of 2013 would be to raise some money for people who need it much more than we do.  We also thought that a great way to get readers involved was to give the fundraising a Wizards theme.

Since it was January, and our favorite player on the team's name is Jan, we thought combining the two was a no brainer.  JANuary was born!

We chose the Boys And Girls Clubs of Greater Washington as our charity, and got to work.

Instead of just collecting flat donations we decided to make it a little interesting.  While we accepted flat donations, we also had people pledge money for every point that Jan Vesely scored in the month of January.

Our friends at Blog So Hard Sports stepped up and pledged to let their money ride on the success of Jan Vesely along with a few of our readers.  (One reader was from the UK and donated to a separate charity over there).

Even Jan Vesely himself got involved.  He stepped up his game on the court and even donated over $7 per point to go along with our $1 per point pledges.

Vesely finished January strong and we raised a grand total of....

And an additional $39 was donated to Doctors Without Borders in the UK

Honestly, I was expecting to raise about $28, but thanks to Jan, readers, and the guys at Blog So Hard Sports, the fundraiser actually turned out to be a pretty big success.  And hopefully this goes a long way to help DC youth so they can become the next Wes Unseld and lead Washington to another Championship!

PS: WE LOVE YOU JAN!!!!!!!!!!

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