Raptors Broadcaster Matt Devlin Vs Wale, Drake Is Better

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Tuesday night in Washington during the Wizards vs Raptors matchup, DMV rapper Wale kept himself in NBA news.  Just a few days after getting heckled on the air for wearing a vest/hooded fur coat during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Wale took offense to comments by Toronto announcers at Verizon Center and walked over and confronted them from the stands, specifically angry at Matt Devlin.

Via @BeyondTheBuzzer

Wale was yelling at Rudy Gay during the game and it caused the Raps announce team to begin heckling Wale on the air a little bit because it was annoying them.

"And supposedly this fan is well known local rapper Wall-Ay, locally here...Wale is inspiring, and I'm sure somebody on Twitter could tell me, if they've ever heard of Wale, he's not Drake, and that's for sure" -Raptors Broadcaster Matt Devlin

Wale was not happy and went a few feet away from the broadcasters to voice his displeasure.  You can hear the Raptors guys get rattled when Wale comes up in the video.  So Awkward.

Pic Via @JESkeets

Wale still loves Toronto though...lol

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