Kevin Seraphin Has A Meme Problem, Requires Intervention

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nowadays all the guys in the NBA are on Instagram.  They post pictures of themselves, pictures of the gym, pictures of their shoes, pictures of the club, and everything else that nobody really cares about.

Kevin Seraphin does all that (see here).  So don't worry.  However, he also is obsessed...with terrible memes.  How do I know.  Because ever 10 seconds my Instagram feed has a new entry.  A Seraphin meme post.  And 90% of them are "Bitches Be Like" or "N***** Be Like", which is great for the kids.

Here is a time during which Seraphin posted 10 in a row:

Not only does it look like these meme pictures were created in 1994 0n Mario Paint, but the actual content of the jokes are just...I can't even describe how bad.  Then you have someone, who STOLE THE PICTURE from somewhere else place a link to their facebook page, without actually linking it on top of the stolen picture.

Take a look below.  Ain't nobody got time to go to Worldwide Crazy facebook page!  And look, they dropped their text on there in 3 different spots.  Oh great 280 people "like" it...

I just thought I would bring this Kevin Seraphin meme problem to your attention.  It is something that all Wizards fans need to know about.  We really need to sit this guy down and have an intervention.  Or a memetervention.  Or....whatevz I'm out....

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