John Wall Throws Out First Pitch At Nats Game, Hangs With Gio Gonzalez

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, April 12, 2013

Once upon a time, John Wall threw one of the worst first pitches by a non-mayor of all time (see below).  On Thursday night, the point guard was given a second chance before the Washington Nationals took on the Chicago White Sox.  Wall walked over to the mound with a nervous look and...

...lobbed a strike over the plate to Nats pitcher Gio Gonzalez who was catching.  A  pitch that caused announcer FP Santangelo to call Wall a "pie tosser"

After the Folly Floater, Wall hugged Gio and walked towards the dugout while Gonzalez heckled him for his pitch.  Then Screech jumps in, and gives Wall a hug.

Via John Wall on Instagram

Wall's pitch was such a floater that it probably would have gone over the backboard on a basketball court, overcompensating for the last time when he hit the ground 5 feet in front of the mound.

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