DeJuan Blair Loves Whataburger, Fans Jone

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our look back at DeJuan Blair continues...Back in 2011, DeJuan Blair was struggling as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. The big man was beefing up and losing playing time because of it. It got so bad that he lost his starting position to ... Antonio McDyess ... in 2011 .. yes that third 1 is not supposed to be a 0.

Blair decided that enough was enough and with an Andray Blatchian effort, DeJuan decided to get in shape and give up his favorite meal...

A Whataburger with a Strawberry Fanta. (San Antonio Express-News)

I think this (and the following quote from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette) immediately breaks Blair into the DC Fat Five (5 fattest athletes in DC Sports)

For the past few years joning on the former Spur and Maverick for Whataburger has become more Texas than the Cowboys. Here are some tweets from yesterday:

We better not let this guy know what Five Guys is...

If you don't know what Whataburger is, it is an awesome fast food joint found all over Texas. I love it so much. I want some right now. Sadly, the closest Whataburger location to Washington DC is in Jacksonville Florida. Yes, I have this fact memorized.

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