The DC Fat 5: The Five Most Memorable Fatties In DC Sports

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Obesity.  A problem that is plaguing America.  Children and adults alike, eating junk food all day long, not doing any physical activity, and blowing up like Red Rally Balloons.

Clearly, those are just regular people.  People who spend their days sitting on couches watching soap operas all day.  People who work in offices where they sit in a chair for 10 straight hours.  People who haven't run anywhere except back to the buffet before the Pizza Hut employees take away the Pizza at the end of lunch.

This is not a problem with professional athletes.  Men and women who are paid to keep their bodies in perfect condition.  People whose bodies are their livelihood.  People who's job it is to not be overweight.  Right?

Maybe not...The following picture surfaced this week, only days before the previously injured Washington Wizards #1 draft pick and star was supposed to return to the court.  For the player who once famously in an interview showed off his kitchen pantry filled with Gushers and other junk food exclaiming "I got all the snacks man", his lack of playing seems to have taken a toll on his body.

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But this type of photo popping up online is nothing new to Washington DC Sports.  Let's take a look back at some other similar situations...I present to you The DC Fat 5: The Five Most Memorable Fatties In DC Sports

Fatty #1 - Dmitri Young: While on the Washington Nationals, Da Meathook ballooned to almost 300 pounds.  That is only about 20 pounds under Trent Williams, NFL Offensive Lineman.  His Nats career ended with him being out for the season with Diabetes.

Fatty #2 - Andray Blatche.  In the 2011-12 offseason, the Washington Wizards veteran was named the team captain.  On opening night he gave a riveting speech to fans asking for their support.  However, by the end of the season Blatche was staying up all night eating and was eventually benched for something that I dont' think even exists.  DNP-Conditioning - Out for the season.

Fatty #3 - Kwame Brown:  Kwame wasn't really that fat on the outside, but my was he on the inside.  The Washington Wizards #1 draft pick used to eat fried chicken.  Yummy.  Who doesn't like fried chicken.  Did I mention it was for EVERY MEAL including Breakfast! He was also rumored to carry French Dressing with him everywhere he went.

Fatty #4 - Alex Ovechkin.  In the offseason before 2011-12, pictures surfaced of the Capital's star center with a ginormous belly hanging over his pants.  DC Sports Media went insane and everyone was talking about Fatvechkin and questioning what would happen during the season.  It turned out that maybe Alex wasn't really that fat, but the buzz over his weight was so intense that he makes the list.

From Caps 365
Fatty #5 - Albert Haynesworth:  The guy's nickname was Fat Albert for a reason.  At one point during his brief stint with the Washington Redskins he was the only player ever to be carted off the field and then re-enter the game after sitting out 1 play.  Too tired and fat to walk off.   He also did the following:

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Future Hall of Famers, Team Captains, 100 Million Dollar Stars, and #1 Draft Picks treating their bodies like gluttonous kings...Converting their millions of dollars into thousands of calories...only in Washington DC.

And now, we just sit around and wait for fat Bryce Harper to arrive...

Other suggestions were Jahidi White, Kevin Duckworth...If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.  Alex Ovechkin shouldn't really count...

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