John Wall, As Single As You Can Get, Wants To Meet Girls On Social Media, Undercover

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 3, 2014

Despite all the terrible catfish stories you hear about, and the bad things that happen to NBA players online, John Wall still says he would use social media to find people to date...Um date...sure... Here's what the Wizards Point Guard said on the red carpet of the BET Awards about dating via social media, being smooth, and being single.

Wall didn't even have to really think about it. When the woman from Baller Alert, who's slogan is "For Women Who Want To Live The Ballerific Life" (not a lie), asked Wall if he would use Social Media to date anyone, Wall said the following:

"I think so, thats kind of how you meet people nowadays. It's kinda hard. So many people be so busy and moving. And then you try to keep your stuff low profile, you know, I'm an undercover guy. I don't like my stuff in the media."

So how do you stay undercover?

"You gotta be smooth"

Is he single?

"As single as you can get"

May I recommend a television program to you Mr. Wall. It is called Catfish. It's all the rage with the kids.

Pic via screengrab via Baller Alert

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