Marcin Gortat Can't Throw A Chest Pass

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 3, 2014

Marcin Gortat was in Poland running a basketball camp this past week. At the special charity game between Team Gortat and the Polish Army (I think) there was a skills competition that Gortat Participated in. With the entire of country of Poland watching (or like a couple thousand) things didn't go so great for the Polish Machine.

Gortat knocks down one of the dribbling "cones" and then has to do the chest pass into the hole bit that you see during the All Star Skills Challenge. Count how many times it takes the $60 million man to get the pass in the target...

The Wizards aren't paying Gortat for his crisp on target chest passes, so there is no need to worry. Plus he ends the video by giving a big check to the kids, so we can forget about his passing...right?

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