Deshawn Part IV: The Trade

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, July 20, 2007

In honor of Deshawn Stevenson being re-signed for too much money, I feel it is only right to take a look back at some of the great DeShawn Stevenson moments of all time

In 2004, the Utah Jazz were looking to rebuild for the future. As a part of this plan, they felt that they had to shop Deshawn Stevenson. Stevenson, whose stat sheet was crazy mediocre, was traded to the Orlando Magic for Gordon Giricek.

I can only imagine the buzz in 2004 about this trade. People must have been talking about it at the water coolers for days. I would compare it to this year if Matt Caroll was traded for Marco Jaric. It would be the last story on Sportscenter, after a competitive eating training camp story, or the women's marco polo championship.

Does any non hardcore Jazz or Magic fan even know that this trade happened? Do you even know who Gordon Giricek is? Is he a real person, or is he that fake girlfriend you make up by looking at objects in the room.

Friend: "Oh you slept with a girl last weekend? What was her name?"
You: After looking around the room, you notice Sesame Street is on. you say "Gordon" (note: Gordon was the black dude on sesame street.)
Friend: "Gordon?"
You: "Yeah she is french" you questionably respond
Friend: "Yeah, well what was her last name"
You: you see your sister , some ice in a glass, and some chex mix. You blurt out "Gir...I...cek" (girl ice chex) i dunno...

So a new place for Deshawn. Less Mormon's, and no more being called a f'ing c-unit by Jerry Sloan. I think Deshawn can find his dreams! Lets read on to find out...


Anonymous said...

Just like to point out that Gordon Giricek holds the record for most points scored in his first NBA game. And he was more or less the Jazz's starting shooting guard for four years. So hes not the most obscure player in league history. For the record I am neither a hardcore Jazz or Magic fan and I remember that trade, and knew who both guys were at the time. But I hear you bro.

Anonymous said...

please check your incorrect use of the possessive on the word "mormon"