Deshawn Part V: Whoops!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, July 20, 2007

In honor of Deshawn Stevenson being re-signed for too much money, I feel it is only right to take a look back at some of the great DeShawn Stevenson moments of all time

In 2006, Deshawn went from working at a fortune 500 company to working at Blockbuster Video, well metaphorically (& paywise, not talentwise). He had 3 million left on his contract with the Magic, but wanted more money (even though he was still a mediocre player). For some reason the Magic caved (is he really worth that much?) and offered him $10 million dollars (3 years). So Deshawn made a great financial decision.

He had the chance to guarantee himself 3 extra years at a small raise. Instead, he turned down the offer, and the Magic called his bluff and said sayonara.

This ESPN story is a look back to the day of the deal. (I think the Wizards will resign Jarred Jeffries...) This was the quote from Deshawn's it foreshadowing...

"There just isn't much money left out there," Bartelstein said. "This gives DeShawn an excellent opportunity to play significant minutes on a very good team. I think by next summer, the rest of the league will see his real value and he'll earn back the money he lost."

So the Wizards swooped in and snagged him for the NBA minimum wage, which was just under a million dollars. Much like the time he was traded, noone really cared. I heard "we signed deshawn stevenson!" so I looked up his stats. Boy was I dissappointed.

Deshawn kept the theme of fantasy & dragons, but lost a few million dollars. What would happen next!

Side note from the future about the agent quote: In reality, the rest of the league didn't see his true value. Gilbert & the coach just didn't want to make any changes, especially since Gil & Deshawn are friends. No other team would have given him $15 mil. But im getting ahead of one did give him 15 mil...yet.

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