More Than A Feeling

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garnett going to Boston, along with the other West-East moves, caused me to look at some random stats.

--Last year, 23 Players averaged 25 or more Points Per Game, vs the Wizards.

--Only 7 of those players were in the Eastern Conference (70% Western)

--The Western players included Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Jason Richardson, & Rashard Lewis.

Those names sound familiar. Where have I heard them before. Oh yeah.

This article in the Orlando Sentinal shows how some power is shifting to the Eastern Conference. They mention 5 key moves this off season. 4 of those key moves are the players that destroy the Wizards listed above. Crazy. Not Good, especially come playoff time.

Solution: D - FENSE

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