Ready To Rule!!!!!!!!!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, August 2, 2007

Last year, the Wizards slogan was "Go All In". A Very good slogan when playing Texas Hold'em, but doesn't really make sense in basketball. This year the slogan is "Ready To Rule".

Because the Wizards are not really world leaders, I'm guessing that rule is used like "rule the school" (rule the NBA!) or "you rule dude!" I haven't heard that since DJ Tanner said it on Full House like 40 years ago. Anyways, I decided to come up with some slogans that are much better than stealing one from the Sacramento Kings and a little more related to the Wizards. (actually these are so

Wizards 2007-08
--"There's No D In Wizards"
--"Gilbert's Final Year"
--"Basketball Evolved"
--"Attack Like A Shark"
--"Horcrux!" (uhhh)
--"It's more than a game... It's the chance of a lifetime"
--"Follow the hardwood floor road"
--"We'll Get You My Pretties"
--"Let The Wizards Begin"

Really it should be "Dagger". It works both when they are winning and losing. Has the season started yet...

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