Wizards Summer League Player Wrap Up

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, July 16, 2007

I just watched all of the Wizard's summer league games. This is my assessment of the roster. But in reality, who cares...I ordered them by where they should be at the start of the season.

8. Kyle "Not Cool Enough For A Positive Nickname" Visser (Wake Forest, 6'11", Center)

This guy was possibly the worst player on the entire team. He defiantly would have tied with "Bart Simpson" and "School Sucks". They gave him so much playing time to prove himself but he was just awful. Missed dunk followed by missed lay-up followed by missed pass. He hustled, but all that will get you is a Mugsy Bogues poster & wristband (Or at least that's what I got when I took home the honors at Laranega GMU Basketball camp 1997)


7. The Rest of The Team (Various, 70'9", Various)
They had some guys that made a few good plays. The big white redneck looking fat guy looked OK, but not NBA. Pinnock wasn't too good. They had Humphrey from Florida, but he played 14 minutes total. I was excited after seeing his name on the roster thinking he could be a (insert white small shooter here) type player.

PREDICTION: I hope you took your degree seriously?

6. Brian "Chevy" Chase (V-Tech, 5'7", Guard)

Look Kids, Big Ben...I usually like the smaller players. They play with excitement & a lot of heart. However, Chase is not that great. He shot 22% and that is his strong point. He showed 0 defensive ability and was overmatched by everyone he guarded. RUSTY!!!!

PREDICTION: Back to the D-League (how was he an all-star?)

5. Aaron "Don't Call Me Darius" Miles (Kansas, 6'1", Guard)

I see potential, but not "The Perfect Score" potential. He is a good ball handler & floor leader. Looks like a backup NBA caliber guard.

PREDICTION: Just like Caron was the new Larry, Miles could be the new Donell Taylor. But I like Donell Taylor. So…D-League!

4. Mike Hall "Without the Oates" (GW, 6'8", Forward)
He is the definition of Blah. He does a lot of things pretty well, but not exceptionally. He was better than the other rookies at times, but just boring. I thought he was possibly the best player out there for the Wizards, but for some reason I have no faith in his improving or game changing potential.
PREDICTION: No Room For Him, 10 Day Contracts when the season falls apart again, May see him at Froggy Bottom Bar.

3. Oleksiy Pecherov "Not a Catcherov?" (Eurasia, 7'0", Forward/Center)

Looked like a Songalia but with more range and less post moves. He had pretty good numbers and looked like an NBA player. He rebounds & hits 3's. Too many fouls, not enough blocks. He had pretty good numbers but they won't translate to real games. At least he doesn't prance down court with his arms up high like a big goofy oaf.
PREDICTION: The Ukrane Is Weak! Not a lot Of PT

2. Nick "I like em" Young (USC, 6'6", Guard)
Hmmmm. Exciting at times, looks like a rookie. Coming off the bench he will be a guy that you anticipate dunking over a crowd, and hopefully can knock down some shots. He plays worse defense than Gilbert and looks more like a college player than an NBA player. Luckily the Wiz already have a big 3, so he should fit in well if he knows his role (pass to Gilbert). Future Potential. Gives me a reason to wear the "I Heart NY" shirt I got 10 years ago.
PREDICTION: Excitement & Disappointment, Inconsistency. I'd rather have Reggie Bush, or even a 30 back of Busch.

1. Dominic "Bird On A" McGuire (Fresno State, 6'8", Forward)
I wouldn't go as far to say a steal yet.
Kwame Brown had better stats in his summer league year. But its defiantly a great pick. He has an all around game, including some nice shot blocking. He has good size and should make a quick jump to the NBA style. His "Go-To Move" (damn you NBA Live) is a spin, which while works well in Madden & NBA Live, will not work so well in the NBA. If he does it 3 times in a row, it could even result in a fumble.
PREDICTION: DM is to Goldie Hawn as the rest of the Wizards are to Mel Gibson? He should contribute the most out of anyone. Maybe a 6th man
(marlon waynes) by the end of the year. At least some PT.

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