Brandon Hunter

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The other NBA player involved in the Deshawn Stevenson incident was former NBA player Brandon Hunter. According to original reports he was a Cavs player, which is pretty much incorrect.

Brandon Hunter (Forward) was cut by the Cavs before the season started last year, and was cut by the Bucks before the season started the year before. His last real team (reported correctly by the Washington Post) was the Magic, where he played in 2004 for about half a season. He played a similar amount of games for Boston who drafted him with the 56th pick in 2003.

Hunter appears to be on the current roster for a team in the Italian league called Angelico Biella, the same team that Taylor Coppenrath (Vermont) played for last year. Before that he spent some time in Italy, Greece, and in Sioux Falls for the D-League.

At 6'7" and 255lbs, he isn't ideal NBA size, plus he likes to shoot too much. (get it) I don't think we will be hearing anything else from him ever again.

You can find lots of good stats & player information at Rotoworld.

INTERESTING: Brandon Hunter went to Ohio, where in 2003 he led the entire NCAA in rebounding.

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