Interview With Caron

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, August 31, 2007

The Wizards web site interviewed Caron Butler. I decided I would also interview him from my blog office (parent's basement). I used the same questions as the Wizards site. Also I guess as a side note, he didn't return my calls so I had to make up his answers. Either way the interview was a great experience.

Q: Everyone wants to know how has the injury to your hand recovered?
CB: I made a splint out of straws. It helped me to keep my wrist and hand stationary, giving them time to heal.

Q: What aspects of your game did you look to improve on during this off-season?
CB: I worked on not passing the ball to Brendan Haywood. I practiced this for hours and hours each day. I may have even worked harder than Gilbert in this aspect of my game.

Q: What can Wizards fans expect from the team this season?
CB: No Defence, Easy 3 Pointers for the other team, and a streaky Gilbert.

Q: You have been playing in pickup games with your new teammates Domanic McGuire, Nick Young, and Oleksiy Pecherov. What are your early impressions of them?
CB: That's a tough one. I do have an early impression of Nick Young. Ready. "Hey. I'm Nick Young. I went to USC. la la. I'm Nick Young" What do you think?

Q: What player on the team do you think will surprise people the most this season?
CB: Honestly, it may be Brendan Haywood. He has been working on his pass catching ability. In fact, yesterday I actually saw him almost catch a pass. Watch out for him this year.

Q: You won the NBA Community Assist Award for the month of June. What does that mean to you?
CB: It means that they had a certain amount of people up for the award and a group of people voted and chose me to win the award.

Q: You were in Las Vegas recently and watched the USA men’s basketball team play. What is the difference from last year’s team?
CB: There appear to be some different players and the uniforms look slightly different. But I'm not 100% sure.

Q: You mentioned playing pickup at Barry Farms in Washington, D.C. earlier. What is the atmosphere like when you and some of your teammates play there?
CB: I never mentioned this interview.

Q: Your busy summer included investments in several Burger King Restaurants. How did that come about?
CB: I was sleeping in my bed one morning and when I rolled over I saw that my wife was not in bed. Instead it was the King. He told me that If I invested in his restaurant he wouldn't tell people what we did last night...whoops...can you not print that?

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