Nick Young Blog?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, August 31, 2007

I was checking out the Wizards web page (dancer page) and came across this blog from a new dancer named Melissa. It sounded very Wizard like, so after a few madlibs word changes (4 to be exact) we have a new Nick Young blog entry. (clearly fake)

We have been practicing for a few weeks now and have already learned a lot of plays we will be performing during the season. With the season right around the corner, it’s important for us to keep up with our workouts and practice hard. I really enjoy being at practice because the plays we learn are a lot of fun to perform, but most importantly I get to play with my teammates who are truly a talented group of men. The veterans have also been really helpful and have done a great job of welcoming the rookies on the team. Our practices are very productive, but we always find time to joke around and have fun too! I can’t wait to kick the season off and perform for the fans, and I know that my rookie season will be full of great memories.

Nick Y.

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