Reggie Miller What?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Uhhh according to, Reggie Miller is thinking about making a comeback and playing for the Celtics...

Dear Reggie Miller

Come on! Sure the Celts have Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, & Paul Pierce (wait the Celtics have did they pull that off) But what about the Wizards!

All 3 of those Celtics are better than the Wizards big 3 by lightyears (lightyears?) but they just aren't the Wizards. We took Michael Jordan and made him bigger than ever. We made George Muresaun a Hollywood Legend. We made Manute Bol a world class boxer. We can do it all.

I really love you Reggie Miller. I would love you on the Wizards. Just so you know, you won't score 8 points in 11 seconds in Boston. But you will score 8 points in 2 seconds in DC. Plus we will even give you full access to Michael Jordan's hot Asian friends network. We will even have Andre Blatche personally test each one out to make sure they aren't cops.

Please Mr. Miller. Please can you play in Washington?

Your Friend,

The White President

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