Wizards Hype Man

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If you have been to a Wizards game then you have seen and heard the guy on the microphone in between timeouts & quarters. He tells G-Wiz to throw burritos, tries to convince brother & sister to kiss on the kiss cam, and heckles the people who fall off the tricycles. But who is this guy?

It is American University graduate DJ Chris Styles. He is a personality on Hot 99.5 and XM Radio, and a DJ at Club Fur on Friday & Saturday nights. He is also what the Wizards call their "hype man".

He has a MySpace Page where he has several pictures of himself with celebrities. Even all his advertisements include these celebrity photos. I guess if I had a picture with a celebrity I would put it everywhere also. Some of these celebrities are pretty lame like Nickleback, Backstreet Boys, and Nick Carter (Nsync?). But others are cool like Martin (Lawrence) when he came to the Wizards game last year. Noticeably absent are photos with Gilbert Arenas or any other player.

As a hype man, I have no problem with him except that he always gives away a jersey to someone that is already wearing a jersey. Also, the burrito I caught in the upper deck turned out to be a shirt, but its not his fault.

I'm not a big fan of dancing or most of the Billboard Hot 100, but maybe one day I'll put on my Gil Zero Dancers and head down to Fur for Saturday Night Party Gras. (what a clever name)

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