Roger Mason's Back

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, September 24, 2007

Do mase got the ladies? Yeah Yeah...Do puff drive mercedes? Yeah Yeah...Take hits from the 80’s? Yeah Yeah...But do it sound so crazy? Yeah Yeah...

The Sports Bog reports that Roger Mason, or Mase as 1 person (me) calls him, has been re-signed by the Washington Wizards.

You may remember Roger from his time in the past with the Wizards. I may remember Roger from when I played (sat on the bench) against him in High School. While technically, I did not guard him, and probably played like 20 seconds total in the 3 games we faced him, I'm pretty sure I fouled him once or twice.

Mason hit some threes last year off the bench, so I have no problem with picking him up again. He is from the area and is apparently a very nice guy. As long as he knows that if 12 years ago the coach put me in against him, I would have shut him down. And today I would be playing with the Wizards...........what happened? I was dreaming...did I write that?

Asian Zero says "oh yeah go hoos!!"

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