How About Jasikevicius

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, September 21, 2007

Since Andrei Kirlenko is talking about joining his old friend Doctor Zhivago in Russia, I say we focus on another disgruntled European player. That would be a former Maryland Turtle, Sarunas Jasikevicius from the great country of Songaila. (Lithuania)

After a season on the bench in Golden State (not a real city) Jasikevicius talked about his idea of playing in Europe instead of the NBA (sounds familiar). The Warriors made that dream a lot easier by dropping him from the roster.

Jasikevicius is over 30 years old and has only been in the NBA for 2 seasons. He was a star in Europe, and after many years made the transition to the NBA. (Like Arvydas Sabonis but younger) Check out this article for some interesting information about Sarunas.

I remember watching the playoffs and wondering why he got 0 playing time. He is a good player. I followed him on the Pacers, where he looked great for a "rookie".

Jasikevicius would make a great addition to the Wizards. He would join countrymate Darius Songaila on a team close to his former college (really former). He could come in and provide a better spark than Roger Mason and hit just as many 3 pointers. I do think Eddie Jordan might have a problem with his no look passes and crazy shots, but his buddy Darius would help him along. So come on Wizards, pick up Saras...

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