Skins & Plaxico

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, September 23, 2007

As of 11am game day, there are still conflicting reports about weather or not Plaxico Burress will play. There are no conflicting results about WHO CARES! I'm a little worried about the same thing happening that did last week. The Eagles were picked to win by "everyone" and got beat at home. This week the Redskins are an even bigger pick to win by "everyone". This is my favorite quote about the game, from Bill Barnwell over at Rotoworld.

There's not a figure you could tell me that I would say "That's too high of a projection for Chris Cooley this week". 100 catches for 7,000 yards and 26 TD's? Sounds plausible to me. They run out of footballs because Chris Cooley's caught them all, and the game ends in the third quarter? Sure. The point is, Cooley's a lock for a big game this week.

All positive projections aside, I have to remember that I am a negative person, skeptical, and overall a Debbie Downer. I can imagine that we are gonna hear some "big disappointment" "needed to win" and "Skins are terrible" quotes in the upcoming week going into the bye. Man its hard to pick against the Skins this week...

But if they do win, we get "Skins are going to the Super Bowl" for another 2 full weeks...


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