Blogger Fired By Washington Post

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, April 17, 2008

So this good blogger guy has a blog. He also had a job. When his job finds out he has a blog, they fire him. His blog discussed things like being "totally f'ing hammered." He was not caught blogging, or getting hammered at work, but in his own free time. But they fired him anyway. The company was The Washington Post.

Considering where I blog from (look at the time, and its a weekday) and what I blog about, I better never reveal my true identity...(John Tablesteinsonchairburg)

Note: This article is satire. I'm at home on my lunch break on my personal computer sober and all my online stories are fake. I would never get pre-emtively? kicked out of a bar or scream the F word at a Wizards game...

Keep checking KSK for updates...

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