Wizards vs Capitals

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Saturday, the Wizards are opening up the playoffs with a game in Cleveland scheduled for 12:30pm. Back in Washington, the Capitals are scheduled to face off against the Flyers at 1:00pm. Why?

In the regular season, I understand having the Caps & Wizards play at the same time is necessary. But this is the playoffs. This is where people who saw zero Capitals games and zero Wizards games catch the playoff fever. I don’t watch hockey ever, but I have a great time watching the Caps playoff games. Now I have to switch back & forth and I miss out on the true feeling of each game. I guess I could tape one, but its not the same as watching live.

I’m guessing the leagues don’t communicate, or just don’t care about each other. They obviously have to schedule based on the availability of the arenas, so that both the Caps & Wiz don’t have home games the same time. Why not go 1 step further and make sure they don’t play any games at the same time.

Here are the 6 sports cities with 2 teams in the playoffs:

Washington Capitals: Saturday, April 19th, 1:00pm
Washington Wizards: Saturday, April 19th, 12:30pm

Washington Capitals: Monday, April 21st, TBD (Game 6 If Necessary)
Washington Wizards: Monday, April 21st, 7pm
On a Monday night, if this game happens, when will it be? East Coast game. I’d guess around 8pm.

Detroit Red Wings: Sunday, April 20th, 3pm
Detroit Pistons: Sunday April 20th, 6pm

Boston Bruins & Boston Celtics: No Same Day Games Scheduled

Colorado Avalanche & Denver Nuggets: No Same Day Games Scheduled

Philly Fliers & Philly Sixers: No Same Day Games Scheduled

Dallas Stars: Tuesday, April 22nd, TBD (Game 7 If Nessisary)
Dallas Mavs: Tuesday Arpil 22nd, 7pm
This only happens if a game 7 happens. And Game 7 in California would probably be a late game that starts after the Mavs game.

Notice how the Wizards have conflict right off the bat and a good chance again (if the Caps actually win another game) No other conflicts besides a very small chance in Dallas…

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