Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, April 17, 2008

So the Caps & Wizards playing at the same time reminded me of the times during the season where the conflict of games makes it hard for me to find the game on TV.

Excuse me bartender, can you please turn off CSI or fishing and put on the Wizards game. After all, this establishment is a sports bar, and it says so in the name. What Channel? Why Comcast SportsNet! What is the number of the channel? I have no idea, you probably have some crazy satellite package. You don’t think you get the channel? I know you get the channel, I was here 2 days ago watching the Wizards game. That’s right! You go talk to the manager.

Hello manager. I would like to watch the Washington Wizards game instead of CSI. Yeah, its probably on Comcast. What? Hockey is on Comcast…Damn! Well I dunno what channel it is on. I think they move it to Channel 10 news or UPN or the WB or some other Comcast secret channel. What do you mean you can’t find it. Try Harder! See that sign behind you? It says “Catch all the Wizards games here and enjoy a Bud Light” How can you have that sign, and have no idea what channel the game is on. I’m sure the Caps & Wizards play at the same time on several nights, and this must have happened before. Huh? I’m the first customer ever to request you to put on the Wizards game. Sorry friend? I'm not your friend, guy. Well F this. I’m going home!

Later at home

WHAT F’IN CHANNEL IS THE DAMN GAME ON. NBA TV? No. News Channel 8. No. MOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T FIND THE WIZARDS GAME!(stop yelling. I thought you were moving out soon…)

The night ends with me crying myself to my parent's basement...

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