15 Man Roster: Dominic McGuire

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taser, I don't even know her...

Last year Dominic McGuire had limited playing time, but when he came in he was a spark. He hustled and crashed the boards like a maniac, even picking up a few blocks. He knew why he was on the floor and wasn't looking to score.

This preseason, you can tell he has improved, but he is trying to do too much. He has been trying to score more. It hasn't been working well and he looks lost & upset on the court. Last year he looked focused. This year he does not. He has been making some bad turnovers trying to force things.

The best improvement for Dominic was on his jump shot. He went from being a terrible shooter, to being able to knock down the mid-range jumper. This means he could have a slight offensive impact this season. (aka hitting a jumper every 10 games)

All of this doesn't matter much as Dominic won't be seeing many minutes. I just hope when he gets in he plays like he did last year. He can be a beast on the glass. With his improved skill he may see an extra point per game or an extra rebound per game. And hopefully he will quit looking so depressed.

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