Season Opener With Jim Gaffigan & Hot Pockets

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot Pockets...The Wizards are opening up at home against the Nets next Wednesday, October 29th at 7pm. This will be a fun event to attend, so do it.

After the game, the DC Improv has Jim Gaffigan, which will Sell Out soon. He is one of the top stand up comedians and will definitely be a great show. This starts at 10:30pm, which is after the game. (There is also an 8:00pm show, but you'll be watching the Wizards right?)

The cost is $39, plus you have to buy 2 $5 beers AND tip. Pretty pricey, but worth it. I was considering skipping the game before they added the 10:30 show.

To get there, get on the red line and go a few stops to Faragaut North. See DC Improv for more info. (Also seats are assigned so buy tix together.)

Check him out beforehand at the Jim Gaffigan Website. Also YouTube him, fun for hours.

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