Assistant Coach Zierden Makes Good Decisions

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, June 11, 2009

About a week ago, Don Zierden left his job as the coach of a WNBA team to join the Wizards coaching staff. This was 3 Days before the first game of the season. He abandoned the Minnesota Lynx (who?) at the last possible minute.

I think this was a great decision, and I'm glad to have Zierden on the Wizards staff. This shows that he can make good decisions under pressure, without worrying about any backlash. So I checked out some of Zierden's history and found out that this isn't the first good decision he made.
  • Walked out on Paul Blart Mall Cop during the previews and saw The Hangover instead
  • Jumped off a sinking ship and swam to a non-sinking ship
  • Was about to drink turpentine, then drank soda instead
  • Was losing all his money on Roulette, so switched to Blackjack
  • Switched from playing risky stocks to investing in a steady growth IRA
  • Stopped eying ladies on the corner, and started hiring escorts

Don Zierden obviously knows what he is doing, and its thinking like this that will help turn around the Wizards next season...

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