The Wizards Better Somehow Get Amare Stoudemire

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, June 25, 2009

OK Fine. They don't NEED Amare. But they sure as hell need some more big guys...

Shaq & Dwight Howard...

That is what the top teams in the East are looking like in the big man arena now that @THE_REAL_SHAQ is now supposedly on the Cleveland Cavs.

Who on the Washington Wizards is going to guard them? Brendan Haywood...and when he is out JaVale McGee & Andray Blatche? What about when all 3 of those guys get in foul trouble after hacking Shaq every time he touches the ball. Antawn Jamison, a "power forward" on Dwight Howard?

Sure the undersized Wizards have proven they can beat the best, but that is in the regular season. Do you really think that Shaq & Lebron, or Howard and the Finals Magic won't win a 7 game series. If I recall the Cavs won 3 WITHOUT Shaq.

While the trade for more guards yesterday may have looked good for about a minute, it is starting to look a little worse. Not because of the players, because the team improved. It is because they don't have enough big bodies to cover a guy like Shaq & Howard and I wonder if they have the pieces remaining without the #5 to bring in somebody.

Shaq obviously isn't as dominant as he used to be but...seriously...he won't power over Andray Blatche?

Is the 2nd round still the goal? If so the Wiz have a chance to make their dreams come true. If winning a championship is their goal, they better trade their whole team now to rebuild because they don't have the pieces.

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