Wilbon Would Rather Have Ricky Rubio

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Michael Wilbon's latest column, he talks about how the Wizards should have kept the #5 pick to draft Rubio, and how Rubio is Pistol Pete.
Before the draft, it was hard to tell about the Mike Miller & Randy Foye trade. Any number of players were expected to be around at pick #5. When grading the trade, you also had to speculate on who the Wizards would have drafted instead. After listening to Ernie Grunfeld, it was very hard to tell. There were tons of different options and everyone had their own opinion.
One of those guys at spot #5 was not supposed to be Ricky Rubio, a fact that one could only see after the draft was over. However, Ricky was available, and it gave people a more solid idea to compare when talking #5 vs trade.
That leads us now to 2 main types of people. People who like having Miller & Foye vs people who would rather have Ricky Rubio. When you think about it, that is the whole entire theme of the NBA draft. Proven vs Hype.
Wilbon leads the hype crowd in thinking that Rubio could be the next best thing, and since Miller & Foye aren't the final answer, you may as well draft Ricky.
I am in the other crowd, thinking that Miller & Foye are decent players, while Rubio is probably not any good and not worth the risk. (with teams like the Skins & the Nats, I need a playoff team NOW, not in 3 years)
So what is the point of this post? Basically so you go and read Wilbon's article. Love it, Hate it, do whatever. I usually read his articles and want to debate him like Kornheiser just about every time.

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