Jan Vesely Fading Away From My Excitement

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wizards Training Camp Day 4

On Monday, the Wizards held training camp at the Verizon Center for the 4th straight day, again without Nick Young.  Wizards Insider had an article about how Roger Mason Jr. was playing good as well as taking a leadership role.  That is something that Flip Saunders will like better than Nick Young as well.  NY better come back scoring to get on the floor as he is more and more behind each day.

“No matter who you are, you can’t be in a situation where you’ve missed four practices, four days or whatever, come in and you haven’t played organized basketball in 10 months, and you’re going to step in and be able to compete at the level that these guys are. --Flip Saunders quote from Wizards Insider

I hated the Jan Vesely pick on day 1 and I still hate it today.  A big European player that shoots fade aways instead of dunking makes me sick.  Dirk is the ONLY exception to that rule, and Dirk has mad post moves as well as a long range shot.  Bullets Forever has a little artice on Vesely, and although he says I shouldn't feak out, I'M FREAKING OUT! 

I know we have a PG, but I really think JW should be more of a SG like Iverson.  Guards the Wizards passed on to get Janet include Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker, and...JIMMER! Remember him!  He is the Tim Tebow of basketball!

Jimmer & John Wall!  What could have been...

Oh and new Wizard Ronny Turiaf got the hard hat...

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