Training Camp 2011: Where Is Nick Young?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, December 12, 2011

Wizards Training Camp Day 3

On Sunday, the Wizards went through day 3 of training camp at the Verizon Center.  Still no Nick Young who is missing some key practice time with his team (probably his team).  While the other guys on the team are "working hard", Nicky is posted up in Cali enjoying the weather and hoping for money.

Of all the guys on the team, Nick Young seems like he would be the one that needs the most practice time.  Will someone freaking offer NY some cash so the Wiz can match it and he can get on the court, like ASAP.  He is going to lose the starting job to Jordan Crawford and the ball is going to disappear into a black hole.

Andray Blatche got the Hard Hat for the day.

"Blatche didn’t even attempt to wear it. Instead, Blatche quickly said: “I’m sorry. I gotta give this to JaVale” McGee. He then placed it upon McGee’s head." -- Wizards Insider

This is what I thought John Wall would do on the first day of camp and not Andray.  Maybe the 20 pages of the leadership book that Dray read from Flip Saunders is paying off.  Hopefully "don't dribble behind your back" is on page 21.

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