Ricky Rubio & The 2009 NBA Draft

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, December 12, 2011

Back in the Summer of 2009 the Wizards came out of the draft lottery holding the 5th pick.  The draft class looked really weak at the time and the 5th pick didn't seem like it would really pan out to be anything.  There was no doubt that Blake Griffin was going to be selected first overall and after that there was nobody left that was a shoe in future star.

In the 5th position, one player who's name constantly came up was Ricky Rubio.  Rubio was a young point guard from Spain who didn't really want to play in the NBA.  He kept saying he didn't want to play in Washington, among other places, and it was pretty well known that he was going to play in Spain instead of the NBA for some period of time.  Rubio had lots of talent, but was going to be drafted what seemed like more based on potential as he was only 19 years old.

In 2009 Gilbert Arenas was once again coming back from injury and he was going to lead the team to the playoffs.  The Wiz had a win now attitude and instead of drafting this mystery guy, who would potentially not help the Wizards at the current time, the Wizards traded this pick to the T-Wolves for Mike Miller & Randy Foye.  This was one of the worst moves in Wizards history because basically Mike Miller & Randy Foye sucked and Gilbert Arenas did too.  (although it could have paved the way for John Wall)

After the Wiz traded away this pick (which was used by the Wolves to secure Rubio's rights) Mike Wilbon wrote a column in the Post about how the Wizards would regret that move.  A quote:

"How do you say "Maravich" in Spanish?" -- Mike Wilbon

This is the year that Rubio finally makes his NBA debut.  Finally we will see what this (I think) over-hyped player can do.  Best case, Pistol Pete, Worst case, back in Spain in 2 years.  But we can also find out what the Wizards could have had instead of nothing.  A backcourt with Rubio & John Wall.

While I liked the trade at the time instead of Rubio, I did not like the trade instead of drafting Steph Curry.  I mean WTF.  That missed pick pisses me off...J Wall & Steph Curry, my dream backcourt...

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